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• Specialty IRS Representation for Offer in Compromise*



Michael D. Star, Consulting and Fiduciary, Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services in conjunction with Michael D. Star, P.A. CPA.  We directly specialize in IRS “Offer in Compromise” representation, and other strategies and services that maximize the full scope of education and assistance to our clients’ tax and financially based needs while working in accord with the following professionals when necessary or requested:

Consulting Services include:

• IRS Offer in Compromise*

• All Individual and Business Tax Returns Preparation & Consultation

• All Audit performance and audit based review and consultation

• Previously filed tax return review

• Amended tax return preparation

• Existing Bookkeeping set-up reconstructing

• Business recording

• Business Management Services

• Interim CFO and Controller Services

• Tax Preparation and Review for CPA firms

• Estate and Trust Trustee representation

• Retirement Investment Management Services

• Fraud Identification

• Divorce settlement review

• Bankruptcy review

• Real estate issues and taxation

• Foreclosure review and advice

• New Business consultation and set up




An ‘OFFER IN COMPROMISE’ allows your CPA the opportunity to negotiate on your behalf with the IRS.  Depending on your situation, this negotiation may either reduce or eliminate outstanding monies owed to the IRS.


Who can QUALIFY for this service? :

Anyone who cannot afford to pay any outstanding amount owed to the IRS, no matter how large or small, can request an Offer in Compromise negotiation through Michael D. Star, P.A. CPA or Michael D. Star Consulting, Inc.

How does a CPA perform the 1st Phase of an IRS Offer in Compromise?

Contact Michael D. Star, P.A., CPA or Michael D. Star Consulting, Inc. for initial consultation which includes:





*This POA allows ONLY permission to negotiate a potential compromise of IRS debt via verbal and written communications by Michael D. Star (CPA) ONLY.  This form is a mandatory standard and must be signed for ANY persons negotiating on clients behalf.



• Offer in Compromise form(s) completion.  These standard forms must and can only be generated and completed by Michael D. Star (CPA) and will be submitted to the IRS along with a cover letter to the IRS summarizing the Offer in Compromise forms for IRS review.



Additional Requirements for IRS OFFER IN COMPROMISE Negotiations:




You may visit www.michaelstarcpa.com CPA services and for complete tax and audit based services, specialties and contact information.


Please note:  All written and verbal communications and requests with the IRS or any of its affiliate representatives, regardless of result or CPA representative service fees, are based on an individual client review and consultation with Michael D. Star, CPA, and POA allowance to propose possible Offer in Compromise.


All IRS Offer in Compromise outcomes are solely determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).



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